Laser Cutting

Materials we work with: carbon steel, stainless and special steels, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, anodized aluminum, sublimation aluminum, plexiglass, PVC, polypropylene (PP), various plastics, ABS, rubber, etalbond, wood, plywood, MDF , glasstexte, cardboard and others.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is widely used. We have two engraving lasers - CO and Fiber laser, which cover the full range of engraving materials and products: steel, aluminum, copper, brass, leather, wood, MDF, glass, plastics, pens, badges, etc.



Proper design lies at the heart of the successful final product. With our help, your ideas, sketches, or pictures will get the graphic look needed for their subsequent workmanship.


Router cutting

Routing Cutting is a CNC variant for making complex shapes on metals and non-metals. It is widely used in the production of details for industry, furniture production, advertising details and more.


Screen printing

Screen printing lets you print an image or text on paper, textiles, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, leather and other materials, as well as on irregularly shaped objects.


Press Brake Bending

We offer bending of CNC press brake to details up to 2 m. We have a wide range of tools and options for complex and non-standard bends.